Single Sessions


Individual session may be purchased on a case by case basis with approval from AMBT. While we most often recommend continuous training to achieve the best results, occasionally a single training session is all that is needed for a "tune up"  or to address minor training issues. Singe sessions may also be used for  new clients that want to meet us beforehand and discuss training options. Please note all single sessions are purchased at time of scheduling and are not refundable. Prices for single sessions range between $85-$150 depending on location/mileage and behaviors being addressed.


Private Puppy Sessions

One of our most popular packages. We come to you! If you are bringing a new puppy home or just recently have, this is the ideal package for you. This is especially helpful for puppies who are too young to enter a group/public training environment but you find yourself needing help. Ages 8 weeks - 6 months, this is an important time to start instilling the basic foundation for a happy, healthy pet. Puppy packages range between $275- $350 depending on location/mileage, age of puppy and behaviors being addressed.


Private Obedience Sessions

A well rounded, obedient pet not only stems from consistent training but a healthy home life. In these sessions we cover basic commands along with an individualized training plan based on your day to day schedule. Some of us work 9-5 while others are home often, depending on your day - we can suggest how to structure your pets day and what training techniques will best fit your lifestyle and allow you to reach those training goals. Adult training packages range from $350-$500 depending on location/mileage and behaviors being addressed.           



Day Training


Our day training sessions are great for dogs ready to work around distractions, other dogs and people, new environments, and already have some basic obedience in place. It's also what we recommend for dogs who have extra energy and would benefit by adding some extra fun to their week. If you have not trained with us previously an evaluation is required prior to getting on schedule. If your dog is dealing with reactivity or aggression of any sort this must be addressed first and cleared by our trainers before booking. Day training prices begin at $65 per session depending on location and the needs of the dog. Multi-day passes are available on an individual basis.


Behavior Modification

If you are dealing with aggression related to people, other animals, possessions, or territory - please select this option. Anxiety, fearfulness and obsessive behavior or self harming behaviors should also select this. These are advised on a case by case basis and priced individually depending on needs of the Clients. 

Additional Services:

What is offered here are our most commonly purchased packages. We offer individual training options depending on the clients needs. We do offer board and train services on an individual basis. We have packages also for our horse, cat, and winged clients as well. Please do not hesitate to contact us privately with any questions!